It is indeed an honor to have the support of such prominent leaders and organizations who have helped to shape and grow our party locally and nationally over the past decade. I am running for Republican National Committeewoman because of my desire to grow the Republican Party in DC and to ensure that our voices are heard at the national level.”  - Teri Galvez



In the many years I have known Teri, she has impressed me as a woman who is effective, accomplished, and forward-thinking. She is a proven leader who will help grow the party here in the District.”

- Betsy Werroren, National Committeewoman


Teri is a dynamic and accomplished leader who can and has shown her ability to put a different face on the GOP in our urban setting. She will help us reach out to minorities and younger voters, which is a crucial aspect in growing our party.”

- Tony Parker, Treasurer of Republican National Committee


For over 20 years, I have come to know Teri as a dynamic, organized and effective individual. I am completely confident that Teri will be every bit as effective as National Committeewoman for DC, and I think the DC party will be proud to be represented by her.”

- Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, renowned Reagan economist


In addition to formal endorsements, Teri is grateful to those who have contributed on the campaign trail by serving on the host committee of fundraisers and volunteered time, efforts and assistance. 

(evolving list)

Susan and Michael Pillsbury

Betsy and Hank Werronen


Claire Buffie

Terry Campo

Kyle Collins

Clark Cooper

Rich Counts

Christina Culver

Jose EV Cunningham

Julia Diaz-Asper

Susan Davis 

Jessie Duff

Craig Engle

Julie Finley

Hilary Halperin

Tom and Ann Korologos

Kate Michael

Dr. Martin Morad

Morgan Ortagus

Tony Parker

Lynda Pejic

Jayne Plank

Harriet Pressler

Manny Rosales

Rina Shah

Chris Siddall

Charlie and Lisa Spies

Jonathan Taylor

Nancy Theis

David Trebing

Meg Thompson

Robert Turner

Dr. Charles Vincent

Jonathan Weinberger

Crystal Wright

Joanne Young 

Al Zapanta