I am running for Republican National Committeewoman because of my desire to grow the Republican Party here in DC and to ensure that our voices are heard at the national level. We have a great opportunity to identify DC voters who are tired of constant stream of lapses in ethics. They often hear the word Republican and immediately tie us to Capitol Hill.


Growing the Republican Party depends on bringing young people and minorities – particularly Hispanics and African Americans - into the party. Given the demographic trends in the country, it will become an uphill battle to win elections without them.


My Hispanic heritage and strong connections to the Latino community cultivated over many years gives me a unique perspective, as well as important avenues to pursue Latino participation in the party and to garner the votes of Latinos currently outside the party who can be persuaded by our message.


The Latino population in DC has doubled in ten years, and the vibrant African American community in DC should be encouraged to join us under the banner of personal responsibility, lower taxes, and school choice, not to mention traditional American values such as hard work, strong families and the desire to prosper.


Young professionals are also a growing force among DC residents. I will build on my extensive sponsorships of important youth causes focused on entrepreneurship and educational scholarships. DC can become a laboratory for how best to accomplish the important national goal of outreach to these constituencies.


At the national level, it is important that the DC Republican Party’s voice be heard, not only because we deserve a seat at the table, but also because we are literally on the front lines of the GOP’s battle to bring more Independents and even disillusioned Democrats into the fold. In this urban setting, we are outnumbered by Democrats. We must energize like-minded voters by allowing them to have a true choice in DC politics, where Democrats have so far prospered disproportionately. Again, we could serve as a demonstration project for local Republican Parties in big cities across the country. We have a lot to say.


My own background has prepared me well to articulate clear messages in private and public forums. I have already been asked to join the Republican National Committee’s Republican Inclusion Working Group helping to build coalitions and attract more African-Americans, Hispanics and young people into the party.