MEET TERI  EntrepreneurRepublicanPhilanthropist

is a proud resident of Dupont Circle where she shares a home with her husband of 17 years.  Teri was born in California of Mexican parents and has resided in the District of Columbia since 1985.  She has been a small business owner for the last 15 years.  As President of Paradigm Event Management, Teri is well known and highly respected for her expertise in marketing, fundraising, and conference & event management.


Teri first became active within in the Republican Party with the Stanislaus County (CA) Republican Central Committee in 1982.  Later, she moved to Sacramento to work for the California Republican Party.  Teri has been involved locally with the Republican Party for the past 25 years.  Since 2003, Teri has served as the Vice Chair of the DC Republican Party where she helped create and produce the Lincoln-Douglass Dinner, the annual fundraising dinner for the DC Republican Party.


In addition to being an entrepreneur, Teri is a strong philanthropist who believes in giving back and helping others. She currently serves as the volunteer Executive Director of the Miss District of Columbia Scholarship Organization (Miss America Organization), as well as serving on the DC Area Board for Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, among many others.